Ring India is an Pay per Performance based Inbound & Outbound Telemarketing Lead Generation Company serving clients throughout USA, Scandinavian,  UK & Australia

Ring India is a Network of Individual third party International Call Centers in Asia Pacific with its affiliates throughout India, Philippines, Mauritius, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. With its Headquarters in New Delhi, India. We offer customized voice and web based services to our clients, throughout US, Europe and Australia. We specialize in for pay per performance based Inbound and Outbound Telemarketing Services. Our value added services include Help Desk, Sale Lead generation, Billing Services, Technical Support, Product Inquiry, Order Processing, Up-Selling / Cross-Selling, Market Surveys & Research, Database Management Services, Data Entry, Email Marketing campaigns and Fax Broad Casting.

Our facilities are equipped with latest Call Center technologies like CTI, Soft Phone, Predictive Dialer Software, ACD, IVR and Fax on Demand, Voice logging and Call Blending. It is now your one stop Call Center for your Inbound and Outbound Call Center Services.

Bankruptcy Leads

We generate bankruptcy leads all over US. With the mortgage meltdown happening since 2007 the rate of bankrupcy have really skyrocketed. We could also provide you bankruptcy discharged leads.

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Home Foreclosure Leads

We specalize in generating home foreclosure leads. These are people who have high chances of their home getting foreclosed. Contact Us for best and highly qualified Home Foreclosure Help services as per the requirement.

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Loan Modification Leads

With over 2 million homeowners falling into bankrupcy and foreclosure. Now is the time for Loan Experts to speak to them and offer a solution. We offer real time loan modification leads generated through online and double verified through calling.

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Stock Investment Leads

We excel in providing Business-To-Business ( B2B ) and Stock Leads.We provide decision makers who have requested more information on your public company and stock through our powerful investor relations program.

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US Mortgage Leads

We specialize in generating Telemarketing Mortgage Leads for Lenders, Mortgage Brokers nationwide. All our leads are Real, Exclusive & Hot Call transfer leads. We also provide Refinance Leads, Bankruptcy Leads, Home Foreclosure Leads and many more.

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Automotive Leads

We generate all types of Auto Leads such as Auto Warranty Leads, Auto Purchase Leads, Auto Loan Leads and many more.

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Debt Management Leads

We generate Credit Card Debt Leads in US, UK, Australia and Canada. Please let us you’re your requirements and we will get back to you with a quote. We also provide Tax Debt Relief Leads and many more leads related to debt management.

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Accident Claims Leads

We generate Accident clam leads in UK. Whether its whiplash or auto injury we specialize in generating all types of leads.

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Insurance Lead Generation

We specialize in generating Insurance leads for UK, US, Australia and Canada. Whether its health or life or Auto Insurance we could get you all of them.We provide Insurance ralated to Health Insurance Leads, Life Insurance Leads, Auto Insurance Leads and many more.

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UK Mortgage Leads

We provide Mortgage Loan Officers and Financial Advisors nationwide with fresh exclusive Mortgage Leads, Secured Loan Leads, Remortgage Leads, Buy Leads and Commercial Mortgage Leads.

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Canada Mortgage Leads

We are specialised in generating High Quality Targeted Telemarketing Mortgage Leads,Home Loan Leads for Canada Mortgage Brokers, Mortgage Lenders and Mortgage Managers .

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Australia Mortgage Leads

We specializes in generating Home Loan Leads for Australia, High Quality Targeted Telemarketing Mortgage Lead, Mortgage Manager, Mortgage Brokers, and Mortgage Lenders.

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